After dazzling audiences for over eight weeks and due to phenomenal demand we are thrilled to say SOMETHING ROTTEN! will be returning to our stage for one more strictly limited season. 

It’s England 1595 and playwright brothers, Nick and Nigel Bottom can’t compete with the rockstar popularity of a certain William Shakespeare. Desperate to out-Bard the Bard, Nick consults a soothsayer and learns that the next big thing in theatre will be a MUSICAL—a play where "an actor is saying his lines, and out of nowhere he just starts singing"—but “nothing’s as amazing as a musical!”

The Bottom brothers set out to write the world’s very first musical, Omelette, while caught in a bitter battle with Shakespeare. Meanwhile, Nick’s wife Bea is disguising herself as a man and Nigel has fallen in love with Portia, a puritan’s daughter. Filled with wordplay, musical, historical, and Shakespearean references, Something Rotten! is a hilarious celebration of musical theatre with something for everyone.

"This production earns my highest possible recommendation. Superb. Bravo. Go"  - Neil Brewer, Broadway World.

"’s a genuine pleasure to say that this show hits the jackpot." - Erin Harrington, Flat City Field Notes.

Something Rotten! had an original season at The Court Theatre from the 24 November to the 27 January 2024