We want to create a stirring reaction within our audience. We want to produce work which engages and enriches our audiences’ life by presenting plays and theatre experiences which challenge and celebrate our humanity. Theatre is the great collaborative art form and we want to programme plays and create theatrical opportunities which allow all the branches of theatre’s collaborative arts to cohere around a single experience.

We want to produce and present work which has integrity. Plays which thrive in the moment - which is the only place theatre can exist - in the space between the audience and the stage. We believe that the actor never pretends. An actor doesn’t pretend to be the character they’re playing. We want to create theatrical experiences where our performers submerge into the scenes that are genuine.

We want to produce plays that, when you leave them, you feel a need to reconnect with the people you love and exchange vows of love with them. We want to create work which reunites people; not only with the communities that they live in, but to reconnect people with themselves. We want to raise questions about the human condition - questions which they may have already pondered or which may be new to them. We want to produce plays that celebrate our humanity and which have an optimistic message that promotes a hopeful future for our species.

We want you to come to a Court play or workshop and not learn more about plays you’ve seen in the past but learn more about the human condition. We want you to be able to identify with what it is to be human, so you can walk out of the theatre with your humanity glowing. We want you to celebrate that you have had that shared experience with 400 people you don’t know. We’re in the business of creating memories and we want the work that we produce to be indelible so that memory will be alive in you for the rest of your life.