We Need Your Support!

The Court Theatre thrives because individuals, organisations and businesses give their time, their mind and their money.

The Court Theatre is facing a time of great challenge but also tremendous opportunity as it consolidates and reinforces its position as New Zealand’s leading theatre company, in a city which is being rebuilt and revitalised. A thriving arts sector is of crucial importance to restoring the health of the economy as well as the spiritual well-being of Christchurch.

For us to play our part we need your sponsorship, donations and volunteer hours.

How Can You Support The Court:

  • Become a Business Partner with The Court Theatre
    Receive a range of benefits for your organisation while supporting the arts
  • Donate to The Court 
    Be part of our philanthropic community and ensure that The Court has a vibrant and certain future 

  • Invest in the Future
    Donate to The Court Theatre Foundation to help us nurture and advance the future of the Court Theatre