Somewhere in small-town America… an adolescent dance troupe is poised to claw their way to the top. 


And if they do… they ‘will fly all the way to TAMPA BAY, FLORIDAAAAAAAAAAAAA’

Amidst the glittering swirl of sequins, perspiration, and high-stakes performances, six teenage girls and one boy (all portrayed by adults ranging from their 20s to 50s) remind us of what it is to be thirteen – a volatile blend of naiveté and wisdom, of humour and pain.

In this darkly comic, award-winning play, the lines between reality and fantasy meld in captivating ways. The characters extend a compelling invitation to revisit the realm of ‘thirteen-year-old-land,’ guiding us through their voyage of self-discovery as they unveil their vulnerabilities and aspirations.

Cutting through the fluff, embracing a pagan-like wildness, and harnessing unparalleled ferocity, Clare Barron’s DANCE NATION shatters the façade of cuteness, offering front-row seats to a power-struggle and pursuit of flawlessness.

Get ready to reconnect with the fierce and ambitious thirteen-year-old residing within you… Or, gain a deeper insight into the psyche of the teen in your life! The globally lauded, sold-out sensation, DANCE NATION, finally graces the stages of The Court Theatre and New Zealand for the first time.

This one is NOT to be missed!

“It’s a brave, visceral, excitingly off-kilter barbaric yawp of a play.” – New York Magazine

“I've seen the future and it is Dance Nation” - Washington Post