When romance novelist Paul Sheldon wakes from a car crash somewhere in rural Colorado, he finds the kind smile of Annie Wilkes beaming down at him.

She is his number one fan.

Having rescued Paul from the accident that’s left him with broken legs, Annie is now nursing Paul back to health. The storm that led to Paul’s accident has caused road closures and power cuts but Annie has promised to get him to hospital and to call his agent as soon as she can.

But if that’s the truth... then why is his bedroom door locked?

As Paul tests the boundaries of his confinement, he pulls a thread which rapidly unravels Annie’s lies.

Known across the world for his hit novels
such as It, The Shining, The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile, Stephen King is the master of psychological horror-thriller novels.

In this tension-filled stage adaptation of one of his bestsellers, Misery starts as a story of quaint obsession and turns into a living nightmare.