Waves are lapping dangerously at the shores of the Pacific Island home to the world’s first environmental refugees: Tuvalu.

Sitting just metres above the water that will soon swallow their home, three siblings hastily pack up their belongings as they prepare to flee to Aotearoa.

While Lifa and Maleko are excited, practising their English and getting ready to begin a new life in New Zealand, their sister, Fetau, doesn’t want to say goodbye.

Following a family watching their history disappear before their eyes, Au Ko Tuvalu showcases the humour, pain and hope that comes from their unfathomable – yet imminent – situation.

Why we love this play

“In last year’s Ē Toru development season, Au Ko Tuvalu showed itself as an essential piece of the conversation around climate change, taking the global and abstract and making it personal and relatable. Its bittersweet exploration of the effects of rising ocean levels on Pasifika peoples is comic, poignant and utterly necessary.”
Associate Director, Dan Bain