Spencer is a passionate, fa’afafine performer who loves to incorporate his growing knowledge of indigenous cultures, and life experiences into his works. He is also a huge follower of Drag and its art form and uses that as another positive platform to inspire and uplift Pasifika LGBTQI+ youth. 

He has recently graduated with a Bachelor in Performing Arts (Pacific) from the Pacific Institute of Performing Arts (PIPA). Spencer is a dancer and creative with the fa’afafine dance company Fine Fatale, creatively directed and choreographed by Mario Faumui and Amanaki Prescott. He also had the opportunity last year to create and perform his very first solo work O A’u, as part of the Auckland Live: Cabaret Festival 2017. O A’u is a drag inspired piece that addressed the religious, cultural and sexual experiences he faced whilst growing up and was under the mentorship of Taane Mete, Creative Director of Okareka Dance Company.

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