Hansel and Gretel have no food to eat. Their Dad has a new wife who seems obsessed with how plump they are. Time to head out into the woods with some breadcrumbs… See the story you know so well told in a way never seen before in this silent comedy adaptation of the fairy tale classic.

Hansel and Gretel is running at The Court as part of New Zealand Theatre Month.

The Court is proud to present family-friendly entertainment on the mainstage every school holidays. All kids shows are recommended for children aged 3-7 and all tickets are just $10 for children and adults.

Relaxed performances are special shows for those with sensory needs. Lighting and sound are adjusted, capacity is reduced to allow for freer movement and there is a “chill-out” area in the foyer.

There will be a relaxed performance of Hansel and Gretel on Saturday 13 October at 11am. A relaxed performance pack can be downloaded here.