Nigel Kerr 2015 lr2

Nigel’s introduction to set construction was creating the world for Peter Jackson’s Heavenly Creatures and later The Frighteners.

He went on to manage an art department and set building team contracted to international, national and local film crews and production companies.

In 2002 Nigel took up a full-time position at The Court Theatre workshop, supervising and constructing sets. From here, he began designing sets.

His first design in Court One at The Court’s former home in the Art’s Centre was Milo’s Wake followed by Spreading Out. Since then, he has designed sets for Happy Coupling; Doubt; Joyful and Triumphant; The Raft; Letter To Blanchy: Stir Crazy; Honour; Saving Grace; The Motor Camp; A Very Merry Scriptless: In the Grotto; Rumpelstiltskin; Stag Weekend; Niu Sila; Matthew, Mark, Luke and Joanne; Cops and Robbers, The Streaker; Cinderella in Space; Steel Magnolias; Ideation; Hansel and Gretel; Astroman and Time Machine.

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