Join Christchurch’s favourite Court Jesters as they bring all the chaos and fun of the late night improvised comedy show Scared Scriptless to the family-friendly time of 6:30pm.

The players are all excited to perform but no one is quite sure what is meant to happen. They each have been given a set of instructions from THE BOSS, but, no one’s instructions are the same! Luckily these capable comedians work best when they’re panicking, so you’re in for a treat as they scramble to make things work.

What Now hosts Ronnie Taulafo, Chris Kirk and Bianca Seinafo will be making guest appearances on selected nights. Before joining What Now, Bianca was last seen at The Court performing in Goldilocks and The Three Bears and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Songs, scenes and games are all made up on-the-spot by the cleverest, funniest, comedians people we could find. You give them a suggestion and they’ll turn it into comedy!