Take a wild adventure with Māui as he journeys across the land to solve the mystery of the racing sun.

This unique production of Māui Me Te Rā introduces audiences to the iconic character of Māui and shares with them a version of the traditional Māori myth of how he slowed the sun.

Our story starts as Māui receives the gift of karakia and raranga from his wise Kaumātua. No one believes that cheeky Māui will be able to solve the problems of his village but with help and courage perhaps he can prove them wrong. Can meeting clever magical creatures on his travels give Māui the wisdom he needs for the final fight? As he reaches the end of the earth and battles the sun he needs the help of everyone in the audience to succeed.

The show includes live music, puppetry and storytelling to engage children with this traditional tale of Māui and the Sun in a new and exciting way.

Audiences will experience Māori cultural and performance elements alongside Māui as he embarks on his journey.

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