Step into a world where screens and algorithms fade into the background and experience the power of genuine connection in real time and space. Together, let’s craft something unforgettable. 

 Over 80 minutes, Every Brilliant Thing brings together a group of strangers in a way that only live theatre can—reflecting what it is to be human in a shared and immediate experience. A seven-year old’s mother attempts to take her life, but what does a seven-year-old do to make sense of it and to help the most important person in their life to see all the reasons to be happy; to see every brilliant thing? 

Playfully pieced together with direct involvement from the audience, our narrator takes us back to how the list of every brilliant thing started. Every Brilliant Thing is funny, sad, uplifting, and honest; it is a truly unique theatrical experience. 

If you had to make a list, where would you start?

#1 Ice cream
#2 Water fights
#5 Things with stripes
#25 Wearing a cape
#314 The way Ray Charles sings the word ‘you’
#319 Laughing so hard you shoot milk out of your nose
#823 Skinny Dipping
#9998 Watching someone watch your favourite film

“This is a must-see show; a theatrical experience you will never forget.” Artshub

“[A] heart-wrenching, hilarious play…One of the funniest plays you’ll ever see about depression—and possibly one of the funniest plays you’ll ever see, full stop…There is something tough being confronted here—the guilt of not being able to make those we love happy—and it is explored with unflinching honesty.” —The Guardian (UK).

“EVERY BRILLIANT THING finds a perfect balance between conveying the struggles of life, and celebrating all that is sweet in it.” —The Independent (UK).

“What Macmillan offers, with great sensitivity behind the abundant laughs, is a child’s fierce, flawed attempt to make sense of adult unhappiness and a meditation on the shadow that a loved one’s depression casts over the lives of a family.” —Evening Standard (London).

“…very charming…offers sentimentality without shame…guaranteed to keep your eyes brimming…[The script] balance[s] acuity and affability…with unobtrusive artistry…captivating…” —The New York Times.

“[EVERY BRILLIANT THING] is sad, but it is also gloriously funny and exceptionally warm. It’s a show that spells out a little of what depression can do to people, but it also highlights the irrepressible resilience of the human spirit and the capacity to find delight in the everyday.” —Time Out London.