Late every Friday and Saturday night, the lights go out at The Court Theatre and The Court Jesters  take over... bringing you Scared Scriptless.

Scared Scriptless has been running strong for 28 years. It's a late night improvised show where the wit of stand up, the exhilaration of theatre and the danger of not knowing what’s happening all collide in a glorious, theatrical mess. It’s one part cheeky, one part dangerous and all parts hilarious.

Sit back and enjoy the comedy... or get involved by shouting out suggestions to inspire the improvisers. No matter your involvement, Scared Scriptless will have you doubled-over in laughter.

Scared Scriptless. You have to see it, and once you see it, you’ll want to come back.

Scared Scriptless, Late-night Classic Comedy, Friday and Saturday nights, 10:15pm.

BASE @ The Court are now serving pizza before the show!

*Please Note: No hot food is allowed in the theatre.