Are you ready to dive into the art of character creation? Join Hillary Moulder at The Court Theatre for an exclusive workshop that merges the techniques of Stanislavski with the transformative power of physicality. Whether you're an aspiring actor or seasoned performer, come along and elevate your craft in a playfully fun environment!

 What You'll Learn:

  1. Stanislavski's Method: Explore key principles of Stanislavski's system.
  2. Physical Expression: Discover how the body can be a powerful tool for character development, expression, and storytelling.
  3. Integration Techniques: Learn how to seamlessly integrate Stanislavski's psychological approach with physicality, creating characters that resonate deeply with audiences.
  4. Character Transformation: develop a fun and playful approach to embodying diverse characters.

Who Should Attend:

Actors looking to deepen their understanding of character development.
Anyone passionate about the art of storytelling and human expression.


Please note – this workshop is recommended for ages 16+, and is limited to 20 participants.

Participants are expected to have some experience in actor training. Please contact if you would like to check if this workshop is suitable for you.