Scotty Cotter

Scotty (Tainui, Fiji, Scottish) is a seasoned actor and new director in theatre, film & television.

He was most recently seen at The Court in He Kura E Huna Ana. He is a long-standing collaborator with Massive Company, having performed in The Wholehearted (which he also co-directed) and was the director for Chance to Ignite. His other recent theatre credits include Bless the Child (Tawata Productions).

Scotty’s television credits include Shortland Street; Brown Brothaz and the voice of Ira in Coco Solid’s new animated series Aroha Bridge. His film credits include Kawa and The Rehearsal.

Scotty featured in 2016 Walters Prize winner Shannon Te Ao’s visual arts project My Life as a Tunnel, alongside Astroman co-star Tola Newbery.

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