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Jamie - Ngati Tamatera - was born in Thames in 1979 and worked as a fisherman before getting into theatre. Jamie began his acting career at UCOL in Palmerston North and has appeared onstage throughout New Zealand. In 2006 he performed at the Victoria Arts Centre and the Sydney Opera House in the acclaimed Capital E production of Hinepau (based on the novel by Gavin Bishop). Jamie is also a composer and performer in the band Smokey Feel.

Jamie’s first play was Wassup Bro?, a musical set in the Coromandel which premiered at BATS Theatre in 2003. Wassup Bro? went on to win the ‘Hot New Thing’ Award at the 2003 NZ Fringe Awards. Jamie co-wrote his second play It’s A Whanau Thing with Kelly Kilgour. It premiered at BATS Theatre in 2005. Jamie co-wrote the music with Kane Parsons and both were nominated for Best Composer at the 2005 Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards.

His 2012 play, Manawa, was nominated for The Playmarket and Capital E National Theatre for Children Award for The New Zealand Play of the Year at the Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards and in 2013 he was awarded the prestigious Bruce Mason Playwriting Award.

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