A brand-new local story will be entertaining Cantabrians from the end of March as much-anticipated comedy EQ F@#%ING C takes the stage at The Court Theatre.

Written by local playwright Christina Stachurski, this homegrown comedy follows a young Christchurch couple coping with the ramifications of the Canterbury earthquake and their struggles in the years that follow.  

“We haven't seen the story of this city told after the quakes and the time is right,” says Ross Gumbley, Artistic Director of The Court Theatre and co-director of EQ F@#%ING C. “Eight years on, the impact of those quakes still affect all of us every day. It’s only right that The Court, with Christina Stachurski, hold a mirror up to nature and reflect Christchurch as it is and has been since the quakes.”

Despite dealing with a serious subject – the reality of post-earthquake life here in Canterbury – audience members can expect plenty of cathartic laughter from this sharp comedy.

“We want to show the grace, humour and humanity of those who were affected by the quakes and to allow space for collective laughter to help exorcise a dark memory,” says Associate Director of The Court and co-director Dan Bain. “This would be a very easy project to mishandle and deal with in a gauche and insensitive way. We have our absolute best people working on this to make sure it is not just comedy gold, but respectful, incisive, clever and necessary.”

Written by a Christchurch writer, for a Christchurch audience, the team behind this production are primarily local actors and creatives who are committed to representing a relevant and hilarious story about our city.

Kathleen Burns (Educating Rita; A Christmas Carol) and Cameron Douglas (Jesus Christ Superstar; That Bloody Woman) are leading a fantastic cast that includes Geoffrey Dolan, Ali Harper, Tom Trevella, Hillary Moulder and Simon Leary.

“This play has been crafted for the people of Christchurch,” says Gumbley. “It's an opportunity for the people of this city to come together and, with a genuinely hilarious comedy, find common ground amongst their fellow audience members.”

EQ F@#%ING C will be running at The Court Theatre from the 30 March – 27 April 2019. Find out more and book tickets here.