EQ F@#%ING C – Cancellation Notice

The Court Theatre Trust is deeply saddened by the horrific and tragic loss of life and trauma suffered by our community, especially our Muslim community, these past few days.

To this end, we have made the decision to not go ahead with the EQ F@#%ING C production at this time. 

EQ F@#%ING C is a daring comedy of a tenacious young couple taking the law into their own hands.  It attempts to find humour and pathos in the absurdity of a new normal. 

As our community comes to terms with the events of Friday 15 March, The Court no longer believes it is appropriate to tell this story – at this time. 

The season of EQ F@#%ING C therefore will not run between 30 March and 27 April. 

We want to still provide space for our community to come together to tell stories, to laugh, cry and share an experience, and therefore we will be staging other performance works during this time. We hope to announce the dates and themes shortly.

Thank you for your understanding.