Five minutes with Caelan Thomas, Musical Director of FLAGONS AND FOXTROTS 

What does a Musical Director do?
A Musical Director is responsible for overseeing the music in a production. For Flagons and Foxtrots, this has involved arranging each of the songs used in the show, rehearsing singing and instruments with the cast, and curating the sound and mix of the live bands on stage.

How did you get into doing this?
I was brought up in a very musical household as a classical pianist, and sort of fell into musical theatre in my last year of high school. Playing a solo instrument like classical piano could often be isolating; I fell in love with the collaboration between singers and musicians and have never looked back.

What’s exciting or challenging about musical directing for this show?
Flagons and Foxtrots doesn’t have any set musical arrangements (and even allowed the flexibility to change some of the song choices in the show). This has allowed an incredible amount of freedom; we’ve been able to write arrangements and choose songs to match narrative beats and suit the vocal ranges and instrumental strengths of the cast. Equally, this flexibility of choice can be paralysing – there are so many options for this show, it’s often been hard to narrow it down to a single decision!

What’s your favourite song or artist from the 1960s?
It’s got to be The Beach Boys – I Get Around and Wouldn’t It Be Nice are timeless!