Get ready for a jolly night of festive carols, Christmas mayhem, and uproarious comedy like you've never seen! It's time to dive headfirst into a world of holiday magic, where four seasoned Jesters step onto the stage armed with your favorite Christmas stories.

But of course, in the spirit of good storytelling, things are bound to go hilariously awry. Our Christmas contenders will bend the rules and face uproarious consequences. The question is, what will become of Christmas this year? Only you have the power to shape the destiny of our characters, steering the storyline in the wildest, most unexpected directions.

Will the festive cheer emerge victorious or take a tumble? Can the Grinch outshine the Christmas spirit, or will our jesters swoop in to save the day? Packed with hidden surprises – some cheeky and others nice – your funny bone will be thoroughly tickled, and your laughter will bubble up as you join our festive jesters on this wild ride.

So, gather your loved ones, bring your holiday cheer, and prepare for a rollicking good time at The Jesters Present CHRISTMAS CARNAGE!

It's a festive funfest you won't want to miss!