Due to the uncertainty caused by the current Alert Level for COVID-19 in Waitaha / Canterbury and with Auckland (where our lead artists Alice Canton and Sherry Zhang are located) remaining at Alert Level 4 until 13 September at the earliest,  The Court Theatre have made the difficult decision to cancel the OTHER [chinese] shows that were scheduled to run from 20 – 22 September 2021.

"We know and have experienced the transformative power this project has on our own lives, and the lives of our participants: the ability to share stories, connect to our whakapapa, and develop deep relationships with others.” – Alice Canton, OTHER [chinese] Lead Artist.

Please join us in wishing all the creatives behind OTHER [chinese] all the best. We hope to welcome them to The Court Theatre stage in the near future. 

About the show

“What is Chinese? What is being Chinese? What is not Chinese?”

These are the questions Alice Canton raises in her award-winning live documentary theatre, OTHER [chinese].

In this limited season, Chinese locals take the stage each night to share personal stories, connecting and exploring what it means to be Chinese in Waitaha (Canterbury), here and now. Candid, charming, and utterly necessary, OTHER [chinese] creates space for multiple voices to arise – because being Chinese is not one singular thing.

“Real love, real sadness, real regrets, real human experiences. OTHER [chinese] is a refreshing piece of theatre that deserves recognition.”