7 - 9 Dec 2017


Devised and Performed by The Court Youth Company



  • Devised and Performed by
    The Court Youth Company

Catch the stars of The Crucible in their own devised work. If you enjoyed the awesome energy and talent of The Court Youth Company, check out their end-of-year collection, Trios.

For the past two months, the company have been working with the devising experts behind Two Productions to learn the skills needed to imagine and create original works of theatre. This process has included research into genres and styles of performance, sharing of work with each other for feedback and advice and the careful editing of ideas and content to create the final piece for performance. 

The diversity of work represents the incredible talent of this young company and demonstrates the diverse types of theatrical experiences and styles. This process showcases how the company work together to support individual creative voices and shows that our young people have something awesome to say about our world and how we live in it. 

Enjoy this delightfully diverse goodie-bag of bold new works served up by these talented emerging performers.


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  • Reviews

    "Playful, exploratory, gregarious and thoughtful"

    Erin Harrington

  • The Trios

    1. ESCAPE by Rosie Gilmore and Alex Wright
    Do they want to escape? Where do they want to get to? How did they become trapped? Two performers, a paddling
    pool and a whole heap of balls

    2. EXPECTATIONS by Sam Bowler, Paris Thorner and Sam McKay
    Spoken word and movement meet to explore themes of expectations and the pressures felt by youth

    3. COMMON ETIQUETTE by Alice Cheersmith, Elizabeth Thomson and Miriam Qualls
    With a mix of ‘50s pop songs and pent-up housewives, Common Etiquette is jaunty, nostalgic and passiveaggressive
    as hell. One sitting room isn’t big enough for three very different, determined women... until they discover
    that they have more in common than they thought.

    4. THAT NIGHT WHEN…. by Grace Newton, Jacob Banks and Patrick James
    Experience the surreal qualities of a great party alongside the feeling and the music of the ‘80s.
    We think the music is a bop!

    5. NOIR by Harrison Searancke, Craig Pope and Daniel Mathers

    6. MOVEMENT By Todd Anderson and Abbi Hope Thomas

    7. THE LIST By Kathryn Ford, Alice Taylor and Isabelle Kennedy (only performed on Saturday shows)

  • Cast

    Abbi Hope Thomas

    Alex Wright

    Alice Cheersmith

    Alice Taylor

    Craig Pope

    Daniel Mathers

    Elizabeth Thomson

    Grace Newton

    Harrison Searancke

    Isabelle Kennedy

    Jacob Banks

    Kathryn Ford

    Miriam Qualls

    Ola Ratka

    Paris Thornley

    Patrick James

    Rosie Gilmore

    Sam Mackay

    Sam Mclean

    Samuel Bowler

    Todd Anderson

    William Burns

    CLICK HERE to find out more about The Court Youth Company.

  • Crew

    Directors: Holly Chappell-Eason & Tom Eason
    Assistant Directors: Jamie Spyker & Beth Gallacher
    Stage Management and Technical Mentor: Giles Tanner
    Stage Manager: Eden Cotter-Longworth
    Assistant Stage Manager: Matthew Ladbrook
    Youth Crew: Phoebe Thompson, Vanessa Martin, Caleb Weir, Nina Hogg & Jasmine Wilde