THE COURT THEATRE Social CLub Wants to Hear from you!

Kia ora Team

This is a chance to have your say on what things we can do to continue creating a positive and connected workplace.

You may be someone who likes big adventurous activities like a treasure hunt - or you could hate that kinda stuff and just be keen for an open tab at the bar!

Maybe you want an opportunity to get to know other staff members better...or have a day when it is acceptable to wear your pajamas to work...or be given free coffee...or have Riley give you a sweet high five! No idea is a bad idea. We generally want to know what you'd enjoy doing or want to be offered so we can hopefully create a varied social calendar with events and initiatives that everyone can enjoy and get involved with.

So please submit some thoughts in the comment boxes below.

You da best! (This is me assuming you are a great human and are totally going to do it).