Talia Rae Mavaega 2

Talia-Rae is a graduate of the Pacific Institute of Performing Arts (PIPA, Diploma in Pacific Performance 2015).

Her previous Court Theatre credits include readings Siana (Fresh Ink); Au Ko Tuvalu (Ē Toru); Fresh Off the Boat (Indelible Ink); Scholars (Fresh Ink) and, most recently, The Court Theatre’s school touring show O Le Malaga Fa’a’Atua (The Journey of the Gods).

Talia-Rae’s other theatre credits include La’u Gagana (Y|NOT); Au Ko Tuvalu (2019 Wellington Fringe Festival & 2019 Kia Mau Festival) and Odd Daphne (written and directed by Joshua Iosefo).

Talia-Rae is a core member of Y|NOT, a collective of young Pasifika theatre practitioners that create and share Pacific stories. Y|NOT devise their shows around themes of belonging, identity, and the realities of being Pacific Islanders living in New Zealand.

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