Lizzie Tollemache

Lizzie Tollemache is a performing artist, theatre maker and sideshow stuntwoman who's been genre defying from the get-go with an early career grounded in Shakespeare, circus and improvisation.

A lifelong lover of stories, she's toured across eight countries as an actor, director and motivational speaker; hunting out experiences that connect people to one other (and themselves). Often this involves a sharp poke in the Feelings Area, which Lizzie has begrudgingly accepted is part of "Being Human".

Lizzie spent the covid years as Associate Director of Centrepoint Theatre before returning to Creative Director of Rollicking Entertainment, producing work for festivals, events and cabarets as well as nine original shows with the company to date. She co-wrote and directed King Arthur and Treasure Island (Anthony Harper Summer Theatre), after writing and performing in seven other touring productions including Mr and Mrs Alexander and the Messy Magic Adventure childrens trilogy.

Lizzie is a proud member of Equity New Zealand.

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