Jake Arona 2021 August

Jake trained and developed all his foundational skills with Massive Company in Auckland. Jake became interested in what Massive calls “The Play” between the actor and the audience.

His previous Court Theatre credits include Palu (Ē Toru); Fresh Off The Boat (Indelible Ink); Scholars (Fresh Ink); O Le Malaga Fa’a’Atua (The Journey of the Gods) and Fresh Off the Boat.

His other theatre credits include Palu (Y|NOT - 2019 Kia Mau Festival), La’u Gagana (Y|NOT - 2018 Kia Mau Festival & 2018 Measina Festival), Christ(Church) Almighty (Victor Rodgers); Macbeth (Black Friars) and Rangi and Mau’s Amazing Race (Pacific Underground).

Jake is a member of Y|NOT, a Christchurch based collective of young Pasifika theatre practitioners who create and share Pasifika stories.

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