At The Court, Flore is responsible for running the theatre's productions and the management of its creative departments. She is passionate about theatre as a way of questioning society in a disruptive, provocative and beautiful way. She enjoys fostering artistic collaboration, constructing a designer’s vision, seeing a production come to life and the achievement of being part of that process.

Flore believes in arts as catalyst for uplifting people and shaping critical mind. She was destined to have a career in the arts when she immersed herself in performance at a French theatre company. Flore performed in OliverBrundibar and West Side Story. Alongside her Master’s degree in Political Sciences with a major in cultural project management, Flore graduated with qualifications in both drama and music studies.

With her background in performing arts, she began working in theatre and music festivals in 2010 and directed an artistic residency program for 4 years. As producer in digital arts, she presented shows for international events such as Nuit Blanche and Lights Festival in France, Europe and Asia.

Flore settled in Christchurch in 2016. She embraces the wild life of the Bank Peninsula and the potential of a regenerated City. You’ll find her either on her yogi mat or at the bar in the foyer debating wine with her colleagues.