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Chelsea is an Auckland based actor and writer. Chelsea first discovered her love of the boards at age 8 playing an adult male lawyer in a production she forgets the name of now, she stomped her feet, yelled at the judge, remembered all her lines and has never looked back. She attended various drama institutions in the following years including AYA (Aspiring Young Actors), The Performing Arts School and NYDS (National Youth Drama School), then in 2006 received a diploma from South Seas Film and Television in On Screen Acting. After that she spent five years studying the Meisner Technique under the tuition of Michael Saccente.

Since then Chelsea has been working in theatre and screen, some of her theatre credits include: These Are the Skeletons of Us and Eigengrau in Auckland and Wellington. In Auckland: The Slapdash Assassin; Wine Lips; The Girl and the Gay; The Royals of Kihikihi and In the Next Room (or The Vibrator Play) at the Fortune Theatre in Dunedin. She has also co-founded the production company Grublette Productions with Elizabeth McMenamin and together they have co-written, produced and performed in the theatre productions: Nøughty Girls; Zooquatic and Up on Lowman and are currently in post-production of their 5-part web series, The F*cket List.

Chelsea’s screen credits include the supporting role of “Clementine” in the 2009 film Under the Mountain. In 2010 she was nominated for Best Actress in the 48 Hour Film Festival for the short film Life in the Bus Lane. Chelsea plays “Perlina” in the The White Album episode of popular web series Flat 3. In 2015 she shot the independent feature Under The Dead Sun (currently in post-production) and is a core cast member on TV3’s Funny Girls.

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