Andie is one of the founding members of The Court Jesters, the improvisation and corporate entertainment arm of The Court Theatre. He was also a member of The Outwits, who were labeled “the best MC’s in NZ” more than once. You might have seen him in the Christchurch botanical gardens doing a summer theatre show.

He has been a professional entertainer for over 20 years, as well as being an accomplished copywriter, brand strategist, creative director, voice over artist and smart mouth punk. Happiest wearing a false moustache and adopting a ridiculous accent, he has created bespoke characters for Coca Cola, Air New Zealand, Vero, Apple, Vodafone, Yellow and Uno Loco. When not being the front man for an event, he can be found in the Waitakeres bushwalking or refreshing his browser to see what Trump said/ did in the last 5 minutes. #somuchwinning