Barry, Gavin, Norman, Craig and Wes find themselves down on their luck outside the pub on Saturday night. What starts as a drunken joke, rapidly becomes a challenge they can’t back out of... an all-male strip show.

Will they have the bravery, the bods and the balls to follow through? Ladies Night is a raucous comedy about the power of friendship, determination and classic Kiwi ingenuity. Not to be missed!

Written in 1987 by Anthony McCarten and Stephen Sinclair, Ladies Night was a global theatrical hit. It has been translated into 16 languages and remains New Zealand’s most commercially successful play of all time. After eight sell-out tours of Britain, it went on to win The Molière Prize, France’s premiere theatre award for comedy, in 2001. The Court Theatre last produced this play in 2004 – some 17 years ago. 

The show follows five Kiwi blokes who dare each other to put on a male strip show, after falling down on their luck and needing some extra cash. 

And for those worried about whether they can bring their partners, Ladies Night makes a perfect date-night, as well as a fantastic evening out with your friends.

“Uncontrollable laughter rang from the crowd of women – and men – as the lovable characters found their way into the hearts and the fantasies of the audience,” said Maxine Jacobs in her review for Stuff.

Director Sam Snedden has brought together a cast of lookers, including Roy Snow (Chicago), Hayden Tee (internationally renowned for his Broadway performances in Les Misérables), Isaac Pawson (Jersey Boys), Nic Kyle (Jesus Christ Superstar), Shadon Meredith (Spartacus) and Will Hall (Westside). Lead by choreographer Hillary Moulder, you can expect to crack up and swoon in equal measures.

Phoebe Hurst (Hedwig and the Angry Inch) and Kathleen Burns (The Pink Hammer) round out the cast with a much-needed female perspective, providing the insight into what women want – as opposed to what Barry and Gavin think would be a good idea…

“With the world still an unpredictable place, we wanted to programme a show that provided a night out full of fun, entertainment and a little bit of sexiness!” says The Court’s Artistic Director, Dan Pengelly.

Ladies Night is unbelievably fun,” says Pengelly. “Let your hair down, grab a rosé (or a beer, no judgement here) and enjoy the show!” 

Ladies Night runs at The Court Theatre from 1 May – 5 June 2021. 

"A hilarious adult comedy about taking risks, friendships and a good dose of Kiwi 'can-do' spirit. It's a must-see."  NZ Herald