The Court Theatre is supporting the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand in a special Blue Ribbon performance of The Biggest  on 26th June.

The Biggest is a heart-warming and hilarious play that follows four small-town, middle aged ‘she’ll be right’ blokes as they try to win big at the local fishing competition – despite their lack of skill.

In their age and attitudes, they’re the very type of men most likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in New Zealand men, affecting around 1 in 8 men at some point in their lifetime – most commonly when they’re over 50.

Mark Hadlow, who plays Stu in the play, is an ambassador for the foundation and holds the cause close to his heart.

“The cause is very important to me because I’ve had a few friends who have had prostate cancer. A lot of guys die from it every year – 600 to be precise – and a lot of it is due to not many people knowing about it.”

Graeme Woodside, the CEO of Prostate Cancer Foundation New Zealand, says that all men over 50 (or those over 40 with a family history) should be having annual prostate checks.

“We often use the phrase ‘don’t die of embarrassment. Man up and get tested for prostate cancer’.”

Hadlow also encourages men not to be shy about getting checked – something that he himself had to overcome.  

“I had my fear of going to the doctor and saying ‘I need an examination’, but the relief when you’ve been is astronomical.”

The Prostate Cancer Foundation’s mission is to eliminate death and suffering from prostate cancer. They aim to promote awareness, provide support and fund research to help cure the cancer.

The Foundation will be at The Court from 6pm on 26th June selling blue ribbons and promoting awareness for the cause. Audiences are encouraged to wear blue on the night– and will even be able to buy a blue cocktail before letting their imaginations take them away to small-town Coromandel in The Biggest, which will begin at 7:30pm.

The Biggest Blue Ribbon Performance for Prostate Cancer will be held at The Court Theatre on 26th June, 2018. The event begins at 6pm in the foyer with the performance starting at 7:30pm. To find out more about The Biggest and to buy tickets, click here.