You could think of them as theatrical friendship matchmakers, but The Court Theatre just want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the experience of theatre.

The dawn of the new year brings a new initiative to The Court and Artistic Director Ross Gumbley is looking forward to theatre lovers of all ages getting involved.

“We’re super excited to launch Play Mates in Christchurch. Friendship matchmaking based on a mutual love of theatre - it’s not something we’ve exactly explored before but it makes so much sense,” Gumbley says.

Play Mates bring together likeminded individuals who meet in the foyer prior to a Court Theatre performance share a pizza and a wine, watch the performance and mingle after the show for a chin wag about the latest play, the state of the world or whatever topic tickles their fancy.

“There are a lot of people out there who would love to attend the theatre but don’t have anyone to attend with and don’t feel comfortable going it alone. Play Mates allows us to bring those people together so they can all share the experience of great theatre.”

The playmates group will be hosted by a member of The Court’s community who will ensure everyone feels at ease, and will lead a discussion on the play you’re about to see.

Join The Court’s Play Mates  and open up a world of theatre and friendship!