Do you find your theatre group building sets and furniture and then, through lack of storage space, just dumping it all at the tip?

The Court Theatre and Theatre New Zealand are collaborating on a new project of creating a central repository/forum/website to post your set pieces, flats and furniture which may be reused or recycled into other productions you are planning.

Perhaps your community theatre group/school/company are looking at staging the same or a similar type of production and, instead of spending time and money on your own structure, you could uplift a previously designed, constructed and painted piece of set.

All you would need to do is look at The Court’s subscription series online to see what they are doing, register your interest in advance and ask to view the designs to see if you would like to proceed further.    

This project could be of particular interest to South Island groups who just need a car and trailer or have a friendly transporter in their membership. 

If you think this is a good idea or could be of particular interest to you, please let Bryce Goddard at The Court Theatre know by emailing

Theatre New Zealand and The Court Theatre, Creative Collaborators, Sharing Expertise and Stopping Waste.