As you would expect, the economic impact of lockdown has informed our decisions on what we can stage, particularly in the coming months.

With this in mind, we can now confirm that we will be presenting an updated season this October that you can subscribe and book tickets to, starting with Jersey Boys on 21 November and covering the calendar year of 2021.

So many of you told us how much you were looking forward to our September season of Winding Upbut were hesitant about attending the theatre at that time. Therefore, we have moved the show to open on 13 February 2021 as part of our updated season. 

Similarly, The Court Youth Company's thrilling production of Jekyll and Hyde has been rescheduled and will now take the stage from 9 - 12 December 2020. Featuring up-and-coming artists, our Court Youth Company productions always sell out, so we urge you to get in quickly when tickets are on-sale.

While decisions are still being finalized, we can confirm that the following productions have been cancelled. These are a mix of our mainstage, Forge, and kids shows.

The Pied Piper (8 - 18 July 2020) 

O Le Toa (The Adventurous) (3 - 28 August)

On Springfield Road (8 - 29 Aug 2020) 

Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons (22 Aug - 12 Sep 2020) 

Ē Toru (17 - 19 Sep 2020) 

Little Bo Beep and the Sheep Rustlers (30 Sep - 10 Oct 2020) 

Playlist (8 - 12 Dec 2020)

Photograph 51 (20 Feb - 13 March 2021)

Before Jersey Boys begins, we will be opening the theatre with a series of small events next month; The Court Youth Company's production of The Quarantine Diaries kicking off our winter-warmer series from 1 - 4 July.

Celebrating KidsFest, we're hosting ten performances of family-favourite comedy The Early Early Late Show over the school holidays, perfect for kids aged 7 - 12. 

You can also catch six special showings of Scared Scriptless Attempts where our hilarious Court Jesters will take on the challenge of creating a new production every night. All you need to do is pick whether you want to see them attempt witchcraft and wizardry, a romcom or a showstopping musical.

Tickets for these productions will be available from 10 June. We are so incredibly grateful to all of our patrons who have supported us during this time and we can't wait to welcome you back to The Shed!