Kids will discover how to believe in dragons – and in themselves – in The Court Theatre’s delightful production of Puff the Magic Dragon.

Christchurch Writer Carl Nixon tells an original tale of young Jacqueline (“Jackie”) Paper, who befriends the magical dragon Puff. When Puff’s mighty roar is stolen by a band of pirates, Jackie and Puff team up to recover it before the wicked Captain Fogarty can use it for his nefarious plans! The adventure mixes comedy, action and fun to create an entertaining romp for all ages.

“Puff the Magic Dragon is the story of one girl’s journey into the power of imagination,” says director Elsie Edgerton-Till. “This will be a high-spirited day at the theatre for all those young at heart.”

An expert cast of dragon enthusiasts has been assembled for Puff, pulling together some of Canterbury’s most experienced children’s entertainers. Monique Clementson, who was most recently at The Court in Cinderella in Space and has just completed a national tour of Saturday Night Fever, plays Jackie Paper. Sophie Petersen brings her ability to juggle multiple roles last seen in Bad Jelly the Witch; Albany Paseta utilises skills at puppetry and performing in full-body costume from Matatihi and The Ugly Duckling; while Bianca Seinafo rounds off the cast with her effortless charm honed on TV’s What Now as well as The Court’s 2017 seasons of Crash Bash and Hamlet: The Video Game (the stage show). Edgerton-Till says “I am proud to work with such a stellar cast to bring Carl Nixon’s play to life.”

The show incorporates many theatrical tricks for the titular dragon, although the creative team are tight-lipped as to how the magical creature will come to life. “We want how Puff is created on stage to remain a surprise for the audience,” says costume designer Deborah Moor.

Edgerton-Till believes Puff the Magic Dragon will be a whimsical flight of fancy for the young and young at heart. “Our creative team are bringing their inner child to their work. This production will be a voyage into the power of imagination and the importance of believing in yourself.”

Puff the Magic Dragon appears at The Court Theatre from 17-27 January 2018. All tickets are $10.