Christchurch’s favourite improv comedy show is back as Scared Scriptless returns with two very special, very early 8pm shows!

The Court Jesters, the team behind Scared Scriptless, are well rested, recuperated and, most importantly, ready to be funny for their return on the 1st and 2nd of February.

Speaking about the opening weekend shows, the Court Jesters’ Artistic Director Dan Bain says, “We've been away for a while and thought it would be good to open with a hurrah! We know there's a big audience of people who would love to come to Scared Scriptless but, due to the time, it's just not feasible for them. We had over 700 people attend our two birthday shows in the middle of last year and thought what better way to remind people that we're back than to let as many people have the opportunity to come to the show.”

Scared Scriptless regularly runs weekly on Friday and Saturday at 10:15pm – and is the country’s longest running late-night comedy show.

“This is the 29th year of Scared Scriptless! Twenty-nine years and we still haven’t done the same scene twice,” Bain says.

The Court Jesters have six new apprentices joining their comedy team, meaning there will be some new faces to look out for – alongside some firm favourites returning – in the year ahead.

“There's a reason that Scriptless has run so long. It's consistently funny, it’s always new and it's the most good-natured comedy that you'll find in the city. We're really committed to making sure everyone has a good time at our show,” Bain says. “Unless you act like a dick.”

Scared Scriptless’ return kicks off a full weekend of improv at The Court Theatre, with family-friendly comedy show The Early Early Late Show debuting on Sunday 3rd February at 4pm.

Scared Scriptless returns on the 1st and 2nd of February with two very special, very early 8pm shows. Click here to find out more and book tickets. From the 8th February, Scared Scriptless will run every Friday and Saturday at its usual, 10:15pm timeslot.