You might have heard the rumours… Titus Andronicus is Shakespeare’s bloodiest tragedy and our cast and crew took that definition quite literally.

With bucket-loads of blood and more than a few flying body parts, you may find moments where you feel a little queasy during the show.

Let us help:

  1. Only one actor actually dies in this show. See if you can pick which one…. Come twice to see if you were right!
  2. Put your head between your legs and think of Owen Black during his Shortland Street days
  3. Study the Titus poster programme intently to distract yourself from the squirting blood
  4. Grab a drink during the interval – a wine in each hand from Giesens @ The Court can solve anything
  5. Don’t have a pie for dinner before you come. Trust us.
  6. Remember: all that blood is just corn syrup and dye…. Or is it?

 (If you genuinely do feel sick during the show, you are very welcome to step-out into the foyer… Or visit our bathroom if need be.)