This December The Court Jesters are bringing back the holiday laughs to The Court Theatre with their festive family show, HOME ALONEsome!

These Court Theatre favourites are well known for their improvisation skills in Scared Scriptless, Scriptless Attempts and The Early Early Late Show. They last staged a Christmas holiday show in 2019, before the Covid grinch snatched all the gifts away, and are looking forward to getting back on stage for the holidays.

Taking inspiration from the classic Christmas movie, Home Alone, The Jesters will aim to recreate a world inspired by booby-traps and gormless villains but with the famous, fabulous Jester’s treatment. What could possibly go wrong?

The holidays can be stressful, but for an hour or so The Court Jesters can help make your worries (or your families) disappear and, like every Christmas, there will be surprises. Audience suggestions will provide the ideas to help these savvy improvisers create a completely unique show every time. Three Jesters will take the stage each night, but whoever your mayhem makers are, you can expect a fast-paced and funny holiday treat that is the perfect way to get in the spirit of the season.

HOME ALONEsome features the comedic talents of Jesters Jeff Clark, Riley Harter, Emma Cusdin, Henri Nelis, Aaron Jelley and Brendon Bennetts. This talented and fast-thinking bunch will take you for a spin like Kevin as they make up comedy on the fly and get their jingle bells on again. “We’re all thrilled to be back on the holiday stage again” says long-time Jester Jeff Clark. “We especially love bringing the festive fun for Christchurch people. The great thing about this show is that with our audience’s suggestions, every show is different. Even we don’t know what will happen!”

HOME ALONEsome is designed to be family-friendly, but like most Christmas lists, there is a little naughty as well as the nice.

If you are after the type of joy that only people with quick wits and no sense of embarrassment can deliver, The Court Jesters have you covered. We can’t guarantee what you will get under the tree, but we can guarantee you some laughs. There is even cheese pizza!