Yule won’t want to miss this show – classic Christchurch comedy A Christmas Carol is back in time for the silly season, with a brand-new twist!

“We’ve got a new cast as I wore the last ones out,” laughs writer and director Dan Bain. “While I was sad to lose my veterans, the chance to rewrite the show with brand-new voices was a lot of fun and has leant itself very well to the final new thing – jokes.”

Court Theatre favourites Roy Snow (Fresh Off the Boat) and Hillary Moulder (Jesus Christ Superstar) are taking the reindeer reins from Gregory Cooper and Kathleen Burns, bringing a fresh flavour to this comedy extravaganza.

With just two cast members and a musician (Tom Harris returning for a fourth season), audiences can expect a fast-paced and funny Christmas treat that’s the perfect way to get yourself in the spirit of the season.

Following the story of Charles Dicken’s classic yuletide tale, Snow, Moulder and Harris will be recreating the entirety of A Christmas Carol – with a little help from the audience, of course!

Perfect for families and staff functions alike, you might just see your co-worker becoming the Ghost of Christmas Past, with your kids being called upon to play members of the Cratchit family.

“The show is built on kindness, community and a shared sense of play,” explains Bain, reassuring that no one should be worried about being called on-stage. “We make sure everyone has a good time.”

Following classic character Ebenezer Scrooge as he is visited by the ghosts of Christmas and encouraged to become a more generous man in the spirit of the season, this magical show is perfect for all ages. 

“Christmas is about being part of something larger than your family or workplace,” says Bain. “Like comedy.”

A Christmas Carol runs at The Court Theatre 30 November – 21 December. You can learn more & book tickets here.