The rumble of dinosaur footsteps can be heard at The Court Theatre as brand-new kids play Time Machine prepares for its April debut, taking the children of Canterbury on a journey through time and space.

Bringing a bit of sci-fi fun to the theatre, writer Andrew Todd based this brand-new kids play on the original time-travel story The Time Machine by H.G. Wells.

“I've taken Wells' story and infused it with the energy of fellow time-travel work Doctor Who! This version has plucky and likeable lead characters, some wild time-travel antics and, since we’re travelling in time, dinosaurs and robots. Everyone likes dinosaurs and robots!”

Taking our audience to the pre-historic past and robot-filled future are characters Professor Wells, the inventor of the time machine, played by Hillary Moulder, and her assistant, Eloise, played by Monique Clementson. The pair embark on their adventure after Wells’ patron, played by Dylan Frewin, demands she proves her invention works – or else!

Speaking about the show, director Ben Freeth says “Time Machine covers all your sci-fi bases which is cool. You don't normally get sci-fi in theatre, let alone in a play for kids, so it's something different!”

Freeth, known for his on-stage performances in shows such as Jesus Christ Superstar and kids plays The Ugly Duckling and Cops and Robbers, is making his mainstage directorial debut here at The Court in Time Machine.

“I'm very excited to be directing my first kids show here at The Court! I love kids shows. I've done my fair share of performing in them and I always find it exciting seeing what makes kids engage and listen.”

Freeth’s vision is to create an inspiring spectacle that challenges the audience’s imagination, introducing them to creatures they’ve only dreamed about.  

“What I want to capture is a bit of theatre magic; things that make the kids ‘ooh’ and ‘ah’! I want to provide moments of spectacle.”

With a cast that includes a T-Rex and a talking robot, Time Machine will certainly provide plenty of excitement for Canterbury’s 5 – 8 year olds these school holidays.

As for what Freeth and Todd would do with a time machine of their own, they’ve got very different destinations in mind…

“I'd have to go to the future,” says Freeth. “I've read what's happened in the past, so why not seek out the mysteries of the future?”

Todd, meanwhile, would be turning the dial backwards…

“If I had a time machine, I'd travel back to earlier in the day, so I could find where I left my keys,” he laughs. “Or, you know, dinosaurs. Again... everyone likes dinosaurs.”

Time Machine will be running at The Court Theatre from the 13 – 27 April 2019, with a relaxed performance on Saturday 27th April at 11am. Find out more and book your tickets here.