Next weekend two classic Court Theatre comedy pairs will be vying for the title of greatest improv duo in a special performance of Scared Scriptless: Bad Boys vs. Dream Team.  

Robbie Hunt and Jared Corbin’s Holden and Clutch are the bogan Bad Boys of the show; Westies with an existential twist.

“The Bad Boys are bogans, but there’s also this ‘theatre of the absurd’, Samuel Beckett nature to them in that they’re really stupid – but also really philosophical. So even though the characters are ridiculous, it’s really quite magical,” Dan Bain, Artistic Director of The Court Jesters says.  

Going up against the bogan Bad Boys are Criss Grueber and Brendon Bennetts’ Dream Team, inspired by the dream manipulators in Inception.

The Dream Team use audience members’ dreams to create comedy magic – whether it be turning a good dream into a bad one or interpreting recurring nightmares.   

Both teams are wildly different and unbeaten in Scared Scriptless’ history, which is why Bain is so eager to throw them together.

“It’s chaos versus order – we’re going to pit them against and each other and see what happens.”

Scared Scriptless runs every Friday and Saturday night at The Court Theatre at 10:15pm. Scared Scriptless: Bad Boys vs. Dream Team will run for one night only on 18th August at 10:15pm. Click here to buy tickets.