Battle is raging at The Court Theatre as The Court Youth Company present their biggest production ever in epic play Boudica.

Telling the story of legendary Iceni Queen Boudica, this monumental drama is an invigorating, hair-raising spectacle, performed by some of Canterbury’s most promising young performers.

Boudica’s story is an ancient tale of revenge and power, following her attempt in 61AD to recover her homeland, stolen by the occupying Romans after her husband’s death.

Boudica is an adaptation of the life of the Queen of the Iceni, who is a real historical figure,” says Director Dan Bain. “It tells the story of her uniting the disparate warring tribes of Britain to overthrow the occupying Roman forces.”

Although set in the distant past, Boudica was written just two years ago, giving this ancient story a modern twist.

“It’s got that feel of something classic and worthy, but with a really modern and contemporary sensibility to it,” Bain says.

Bold, brash and fierce, Rehearsal Assistant Director Riley Harter says, “audiences can look forward to experiencing an epic revenge story in Boudica.”  

Harter, who works with the Youth Company as The Court’s Education Co-ordinator, is thrilled to be working with this year’s young performers as they take on the company’s biggest challenge to date.

“There’s a lot to look forward to with this show – especially seeing what these young performers are capable of,” she says.

With well over twenty characters, numerous battle scenes and a series of intense, dramatic monologues, Boudica is a huge undertaking for any organisation, let alone a training and performance company. 

“I’m really impressed by this year’s cohort,” Bain says. “They’ve got a really good work ethic and I’m excited to see where we can get this piece to.”

One of the biggest challenges is choreographing multiple fight scenes in an exciting yet safe fashion. “I’m teaching them how to fight each other so no one gets hurt,” Bain assures.

“This element of physical theatre is new to us,” says Boudica herself, company member Lillian Fata.  

“It’s exciting getting to play a very physical performance,” says fellow company member Meg Fulton. “We get to fight, I get to stab some people – and we get to slap each other!”

Despite its ancient story, audiences can expect a show that’s big on scale, grit and drama in Boudica.

Boudica runs at The Court Theatre from the 25 – 29 June. You can find out more and book tickets here.