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  • Facilities

    Is your venue for hire?

    Although The Court Theatre runs a theatrical programme twelve months of the year, areas of the venue may at times be available for hire. For more information visit the facilities and venue hire page.

  • Artists

    I have a script to submit. Whom should I send it to?

    As a policy, The Court does not accept unsolicited script submissions. As a first step, The Court encourages playwrights to get in touch with organisations such as Playmarket.

    How can I audition for The Court?

    Open auditions are held once a year. More information on auditioning will appear on our Employment page.

    Does The Court loan its props, costumes or sets?

    Due to the resources that this involves, The Court has a firm policy of not loaning properties, costumes or sets.

  • Ticketing

    I wish to make a group booking. Can my guests each pay separately?

    Because groups of 20+ receive a discount to attend, these bookings must be made in one transaction.

    Are ticket exchanges allowed?

    Yes, up to three days before a given performance.

    Can your venue handle the ticketing for my upcoming event?

    The Court is able to sell tickets on your behalf both online and at The Court Theatre Box Office. Please email for further information.

  • Donations and Sponsorships

    Is The Court interested in donations of props, costumes or fabrics?

    Although space is at a premium in The Court Theatre, certain donations are gratefully received.

    For Wardrobe donations please email
     For Properties donations please email

    Would The Court be interested in sponsoring my business/upcoming work?

    As a non-profit entity, The Court is itself reliant on funding and sponsorship to deliver a quality programme. For this reason, sponsorship of other organisations is regretfully not possible.

  • Performances

    Where can I find out about previous shows staged by The Court Theatre?

    Recent past shows are listed on our website.

    I wish to give feedback on a performance. Whom should I send this to?

    All feedback may be directed to the General Manager
    The Court Theatre
    Attn: General Manager
    PO Box 268
    Christchurch 8140

    Alternatively email your feedback to

    Does your organisation loan video recordings of past/current performances?

    Due to copyright laws, The Court is unable to lend recordings.

  • Gift Vouchers

    What’s the difference between a Standard Play and a Summer Show Gift Voucher?

    At The Court Theatre our season is made up of two types of shows, Standard Plays and the Summer Show. The Summer Show is our annual spectacular which runs between November and January. The rest of our season is made up of Standard Plays.

    To accommodate the different pricing structures of Standard Plays and the Summer Show we offer two kinds of Gift Vouchers. The Summer Show Gift Voucher can be used for any play, whether it be a Standard Play or the Summer Show and Standard Play Gift Vouchers can be redeemed for tickets to Standard Plays.

    I have a Standard Play Gift Voucher, but I really want to use it for the summer show. Is there anything I can do?

    Of course. We can also only redeem Gift Vouchers for shows that have gone on sale to the public but once that show goes on sale, we’ll be able to look after you. If you have a Standard Play Gift Voucher but would like to redeem it for the Summer Show, you’ll just need to pay the difference in price. The upgrade isn’t much, just $12 or less per ticket.

    Can I use my Gift Voucher for shows by other Promoters?

    No sorry, Court Theatre Gift Vouchers can only be redeemed for Court Theatre shows.

    Can I redeem a Gift Voucher online?

    Not at this stage as we require the Gift Voucher to be presented to our Box Office. The easiest way to get things started is to call The Court Theatre Box Office on 963 0870 and we’ll walk you through the rest.