Rehearsals: 7 – 17 February 2023
Tour of Canterbury schools: 20 February – 24 March 2023

For Crash Bash 2023 we are looking for presenters who can engage an audience of high school students. Please note you MUST have a current full drivers licence and the ability to drive a manual vehicle. 

You will be delivering information about the skills and knowledge needed for safe driving and interacting with students with playfulness and energy.

For this self-taped audition, imagine that you are addressing a group of Year 13 students from a Canterbury high school.

Please introduce yourself and talk briefly (less than a minute) about an experience you have had while driving (or as a passenger).

Then please explain the four-second rule. You can do it word-for-word, or put it in your own words.

The four-second rule: In bad weather, when the road is wet or slippery, or if you’re towing a trailer, you need to increase your following distance to four seconds, because you’ll take longer to stop if you need to.

To check that you are travelling four seconds behind the vehicle in front, follow the instructions for the two-second rule, but count ‘one thousand and one, one thousand and two, one thousand and three, one thousand and four’ instead.

Also, when you’re following another vehicle and you don’t intend to overtake them, you must leave enough space in front of your vehicle for vehicles behind you to pass.

Please film a self-tape and complete the below form by 13 january 2023. 

If you have any questions, please email