Roger Hall, New Zealand’s most loved playwright returns to The Court Theatre this time with British musical heavyweight Peter Skellern (You’re a LadyLove is the Sweetest Thing) to take you on a light hearted journey through the joys and horrors of grandparenthood, with all its painful pleasures.

Maurice and Kath’s kids have left home, the nest is finally empty, a life of gin, golf and overseas holidays awaits. That is until the grandchildren arrive.  Can there be a greater joy? Getting that first smile!! Little Sophie is bright, and young Leonard has a great left foot. Though being grandparents also means being free baby-sitters. Then its dirty nappies, driving the kids to school and chasing a slippery tot once he’s out of the bath.  Hall’s script is beautifully balanced with Skellern’s witty and tuneful songs.

You Can Always Hand Them Back is a vintage Hall, with his usual gift of providing instantly recognisable situations which grandparents and parents will find lots to laugh at.