Le Sud is a prosperous, independent French-speaking country to the south of North Zealand. Mon Dieu!

Sparks fly, passions are ignited and political correctness is flambéed, as French, English and Māori sensitivities clash in this sharp, hilarious, sexy comedy from Dave Armstrong. Ooh la la!

Renowned womaniser Francois Duvauchelle is the leader of Le Sud where the people live contentedly, work just 30 hours a week and enjoy long wine-fuelled lunches. The country also has huge hydro-electric resources.

To the north, a free-market experiment has landed the English speaking country of North Zealand in recession. They eye their French socialist neighbours jealously.

In desperation North Zealand send a delegation south. Led by conservative PM Jim Petersen, they limp, pimp and pawn their way through negotiations with Le Sud in an attempt to pull their country out of economic meltdown.

Mark Hadlow, Bruce Phillips, Luanne Gordon, Rob Mokaraka, Andrew Ford and Kim Garrett feature in this delectably provocative Kiwi comedy, rewritten for post-quake Christchurch audiences.

Vive Le Sud!