You loved this family-friendly favourite so much that we’ve decided to bring it back – monthly!

A previous highlight on the KidsFest calendar, The Early Early Late Show is now being performed on the first Sunday of every month, bringing the fun and chaos of Scared Scriptless to an all-ages audience.

Our clever cast of Court Jesters are the masters of fast, funny, improvised comedy. They’ll create scenes, stories and songs on the spot with nothing but your ideas to inspire them.

The only show in town that both your seven and twelve-year-old will enjoy, The Early Early Late Show is unmissable comedy for tweenagers – and their grown-ups.


I love improvised comedy for kids. I love making it. I love performing it! Get it right and you stop being old. You’re a kid again. You’re doing what they do, structured comedic playing. It’s blimmin’ brilliant.  (We won’t say blimmin’ in the show.)
Associate Director, Dan Bain