Update: As you would expect, the economic impact of lockdown has informed our decisions on what we can stage, particularly in the coming months. Therefore, we have moved Winding Up to open on 13 February 2021 as part of our updated season. You can read more about our updates here. 

Just when things should be slowing down for retirees Baz and Gen, life is Winding Up!

With grandkids to wrangle, a cruise to plan and Barry’s preoccupation with plotting his own funeral, the reality of the so-called ‘golden years’ is explored in this brand-new comedy from legendary playwright, Roger Hall (Four Flat Whites in Italy; Middle Aged Spread; Glide Time).

Starring beloved actor Mark Hadlow, Winding Up is a heart-warming Kiwi comedy that shouldn’t be missed.


“Sir Roger has taken the characters from his hit play, Conjugal Rites, and woven them into a story that examines their lives and their mortality. Very funny, supremely recognisable and Roger Hall at his very best.”
– Lead Director, Ross Gumbley