Update: As you would expect, the economic impact of lockdown has informed our decisions on what we can stage, particularly in the coming months. Therefore, we have moved Ladies Night to open on 1 May as part of our updated season. You can read more about our updates here.

Barry, Gavin, Norman, Craig and Wes find themselves down on their luck outside the pub on Saturday night. What starts as a drunken joke, rapidly becomes a challenge they can’t back out of... an all-male strip show.

Will they have the bravery, the bods and the balls to follow through? Ladies Night is a raucous comedy about the power of friendship, determination and classic Kiwi ingenuity. Not to be missed!

Why you'll love this play 

Ladies Night is a hilarious evening of comedy and sexiness for all you gals (and guys!) wanting to blow off some steam. Get the team together, grab a daiquiri and sit back and enjoy our five gorgeous, ingenious kiwi lads stumble their way into putting on an all-male review. Raunchiness guaranteed.”
- Artistic Director, Dan Pengelly