Update: As you would expect, the economic impact of lockdown has informed our decisions on what we can stage, particularly in the coming months. Therefore, we have moved Jekyll & Hyde to run from 9 - 12 December  to open as part of our updated season. You can read more about our updates here. 

There’s a violent killer on the loose in 19th Century London; his handiwork splattering town with blood.

Detective Utterson is on the case, but what he doesn’t suspect is that the man he’s after isn’t a man at all…

Swapping between Victorian-era England and modern-day Soho, this bold adaptation reimagines Jekyll & Hyde for the modern age, putting a feminist spin on a sci-fi classic.


“This adaptation of Jekyll & Hyde engages and surprises the audience with a fresh perspective on a classic story. Fast-paced and exciting, it’ll be thrilling to watch what The Court Youth Company does with this script – and how the audience responds.”
– Rachel Sears, Programmes Manager.